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ZenFlare™ Diffuser

ZenFlare™ Diffuser

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Upgrade to ZenFlare™ Diffuser - Your Sophisticated Serenity Experience!

✓ Elevate Any Space: Sleek design and flickering flame bring sophistication to every corner.

✓ Dual Flame Aromatherapy Diffuser: Immerse yourself in lifelike fire ambiance with touchable flames, perfect for stylishly decorating any space.

✓ Tranquil Atmosphere Anywhere: Welcome guests, boost office morale, relax in the bedroom, or focus while studying.

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What's Included


-USB Cable

-User Manual

Feel the Heat, Without the Heat!

Ultrasonic humidifying meets LED magic, creating a virtual flame vibe in a snap!

The Ultimate 3-in-1 Solution

✓ Humidifier
✓ Aromatic Diffuser
✓ Night Light

Quiet Humidification

Unwind or work in peace with our ultra-quiet product, delivering a soothing 20-40dB experience.

Timer Function

Choose from 1H, 3H, 5H auto-off as required.

Dual Flames

Dive into the deep allure of Sapphire Blue or bask in the warm glow of Amber Orange.

Usage Tip

For optimal performance, keep the cover in place during use to prevent water leakage. Ensure water levels stay below the max line to maintain the diffuser's efficiency and longevity.



How does the Flame Effect work?

The 3D flame effect is created through ultrasonic aromatherapy. The mist, illuminated in either warm yellow or cold blue, mimics the appearance of a realistic flame.

Is it suitable for use during sleep?

Absolutely! Zenflare™ operates super quietly, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere. No humming, whistling, or crackling sounds to disturb your sleep.

What safety features does it have?

The diffuser comes with an Auto Shut-off Protection feature. It automatically turns off when the water runs out, providing a safe and reliable user experience. Additionally, it has a timer function for your convenience.

How easy is it to clean and refill?

Very easy! You can clean and refill without unscrewing, avoiding any hassle. The compact and portable design makes it versatile for use as an air purifier, humidifier, or night light.

Can it be used in various settings?

Absolutely! Whether at home, hotel, school, bedroom, baby room, or in air-conditioned spaces, Zenflare™ is perfect. However, avoid opening the cover when in use to prevent water leakage.

Any precautions regarding water usage?

Ensure water is added below the max. line to prevent damage. Don't put water in the cooling vents as it may cause a circuit short. Be cautious with the charging port when pouring off water.

How is it powered?

Zenflare™ is powered by a USB cable, which can be directly inserted into a computer USB port or charger plug (excluded). Please note that the cooling vents are not waterproof, and water should not be added above the max. line to avoid damage.